Cool Stuff on WatchSeries

As of today we are adding cool stuff each week

New TV Schedule design has been implemented! Enjoy!

New Homepage design has been implemented! Enjoy!

Report Link Option: Help us cleaning up the website, by reporting fake or dead links!

1. Link submission is opened once again for every registered user. Here are the accepted:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, videomega.t,,,,,,
If you want to add your domain to the list, drop us an email and we will contact you regarding that matter.

2. Users can login/sign up with facebook, twitter, google+
3. Improved interface on show and episode page
4. Added new functions for the users, My tv listings, track this show, user profile where you can setup different settings

Don't forget to contact us regarding any kinds of bugs, tv series requests and other features that you want to see here on the website.

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